Hello there! I'm Pablo Diehl, I'm a software analyst/developer, agile and web enthusiast, currently working at Azion Technologies.

Here you can see some cool stuff I've made during my life.

If you want to keep in touch about what I'm doing, you can follow me on Twitter!

Current Professional Activity

Nginx/OpenResty Libraries

Recently I've been developing many different Lua libraries for Nginx/OpenResty.

Edge Computing Solutions

I'm member of the team which is responsible for developing Azion's Edge Computing solutions, which includes Edge Functions and Edge Security.

Functional Testing

I was in charge of designing and develop a platform for functional tests of Azion's CDN and Edge Computing solutions.

Professional Backlog

Azion RTM

I work developing improvements and new functionalities for Azion's configuration dashboard.

Azion Alfreds

A platform which generates web server templates, it's written in Python.


A Node.js application that monitors a custom hardware, the user has the possibility to monitor in real time the consumption of water and electricity of his/her residence.

Gestag/SIGMA Alerta

A PHP platform for monitoring machines, generating charts and reports. It has a version for the control of water and gas consumption of condominiums.

Some webstores

While working at Rede Industrial I've developed a bunch of webstores, all of them were written in PHP and had integration with Brazilian payment system PagSeguro. Some of them are still online, like this one.



Written in Lua and developed in partership with Kael Fraga, a great friend of mine, Zuli is a 2D platformer where you command a magical albino bat. Here I not only worked as a developer but also as level designer.

Not Flappy Birdie

A reimagination of the famous Flappy Bird, once again developed in Lua (using the Löve framework), in partership with my friend Kael. This game was developed in 48 hours as part of a Gamejolt's Jam.


My final graduation project, Tri-Lua is a game (or sort of) that allows you to learn the basic aspects of programing logic. Unfortunately it's not published on the web anymore.


Another game developed in partnership with my buddy Kael Fraga. Diguin is an endless "flyer", where you take control of Diguin the Hummingbird, and must try to collect flowers, while avoinding enemies. This game was developed in one week as part of another Gamejolt's Jam.

Libs and other stuff

Color Poker

A simple and colorful planning poker tool, build using Mithril.js and Stylus, for the web. It can be very handy for you to use in Scrum meetings.

HTML 2 Embed

A small JS script that compress Strings. Originally I made this to help some coworkers at Rede Industrial, but sometime after that, I also packed this code into a Firefox Add-on.



For some time I was an active member of the Mozilla Support community (SUMO), answering to questions about Firefox and Firefox OS, as well as having translated a few articles from Mozilla's support into Portuguese.

Mozilla l10n

Recently I've been helping to translate many Mozilla's products and campaigns into Portuguese.

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Made with: Stylus. Source code available at Gitlab.